Multipass Solutions partners with Pba Consult

Москва-Будапешт, 25 августа 2013г.

Multipass Solutions is delighted to announce that the company signed a mutual partnering agreement with Pba Consult – a leading Russian, Moscow based IT and business consulting company operating in the field of system integration, corporate system management and business process automation. This partnering agreement marks the start of stronger technical and business cooperation between the two companies on the Russian and CIS corporate IT market.

Both companies’ professional and technical expertise, as well as massive experience gathered over the years in numerous successful projects, will further widen the professional portfolio of solutions offered to their existing and future customers. The combination of Multipass Solutions’ own developed products, wide range of innovative solutions , experience in working with all the popular international enterprise systems and Pba Consult’s professional expertise and knowledge of the CIS market and its specific system landscape, as well as their established customer network will result in an arsenal of solutions covering the widest variety of needs of medium-size and large enterprises of the growing Russian economy by providing information and business management, system integration, or corporate mobile solutions.

“Our company historically has a wide range of ERP, ECM or P2P platforms in our product line, including some of the acclaimed international leaders so our customers use various systems for different business tasks,” comments Kirill Tukhtikov, CEO of Pba Consult,”however they often experience problems with the process of integration, with the creation of structured connectivity between the various corporate information stored inside all of these distant systems and databases. Hands on experience shows that attempts to overcome this with constant individual and specific developments are not only bearing the danger of altering or loosing valuable corporate information, but are usually expensive, time consuming, while the realized solutions are not flexible or customizable enough. We expect that the solutions of our new partner – Multipass Solutions – will allow us to offer our customers a complete, secure and universal integration platform, which will significantly raise the level of efficiency at which employees will be able to use corporate information stored across different systems, databases and formats.”

“We are very happy about our cooperation with Pba Consult,” comments Peter Sasi, CEO of Multipass Solutions. “Our company specializes in developing innovative and flexible solutions to help integrate otherwise disparate IT-platforms. For a fraction of the time and cost of constant, one-time developments we offer a huge set of solutions, built into Voyager CMX - a universal integration toolkit with a user-friendly graphical interface and process designer, which allows for an easy integration of any popular ECM, DM, ERP systems, databases, business applications without the need for in depth IT knowledge. Voyager CMX simplifies otherwise complex projects like, system integration, legacy system upgrade or mass data migration and synchronization with information clean-up and security fixes on the fly. Furthermore, INVITO - our device independent mobile platform allows users to securely access corporate information anywhere, anytime, in any system and from any mobile device.”

ABOUT Pba Consult

Pba Consult is a privately owned Russian company founded by the shareholders and top-managers of the Parus Corporation — one of the leaders in the Russian IT market. The goal of the company is to satisfy the needs for information tools in business management of medium-size and large enterprises of the growing Russian economy. The company’s specialists have wide-ranging and successful experience in developing integrated management systems for oil-and-gas, petrochemical, chemical, machine-building, metallurgical and mining companies.

ABOUT Multipass Solutions Ltd.

Multipass Solutions is a leading, independent software vendor and consultancy with broad experience in working with various enterprise systems. Focusing on large enterprises and the Government sector, it offers a broad range of solutions to lower the clients costs, streamline business processes and raise the value of information available across multiple and disparate IT platforms. Multipass Solutions specializes in the development of enterprise content adapters that simplify even the most complicated integration challenges, by delivering structured connectivity between otherwise disparate IT technology platforms. Additional information about Multipass Solutions LTD can be found at

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